About Corky

Born in Seattle, I started studying the accordion

in 1953 when I was 11 years old.  I studied all

through my teen years.  It seems I took to music

very quickly and was teaching by age 14.  I

fronted a Country band called the Buckaroos,

about the same time, and we went on to win

many amateur contests!

After high school, I went on to teach 50 students

per week in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Accordion was

extremely popular back then as Dick Contino was

a superstar accordionist with millions of fans.  

I stayed in Fairbanks for a year and then began

a life of a touring musician.  I became the

comedic half of a comedy team and played all

over the country.  In 1981, while performing in

Las Vegas, I actually met Dick Contino, and started

working with him as his conductor and musical

arranger.  I stayed with Dick until 1993, at which time I moved to Reno, Nevada, where I have resided ever since.

I became quite well known in Reno and played all the top venues.  I have recently retired from performing and now work online as an accordion and piano teacher, a web designer, a recording producer and an author of music theory books.  

This change of career has been a good move and my business is growing every day!

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