Q.     Why is the Circle of 5ths so important?

A.        Everything in music is based around this concept, including                         scales, chords, harmony and modes.  It is by far the most                           important lesson in music!  One can only go so far without this                         knowledge. 


Q.     What chords are taught in this method?

A.        Major, Minor, Dominant 7ths, Augmented and Diminished, plus a few                     more.  Each chord will be taught in all inversions.

Q.     What are some of the other benefits of this course?

A.        Your music reading skills will greatly improve and your understanding                   of chords will get better and better!


Q.     Does this course address rhythm and meter?

A.        Yes, in Part 2, but you will need to complete Part 1 first. Part 2 teaches                 you to play in all keys and in different rhythms.  However, these concepts             should be taught, in person, by your music instructor. If you are                           interested in piano or accordion, I can teach you privately on Zoom.                     Contact me at the email below.


Q.     Will this interfere with or enhance my ​private music                     lessons?

A.        It can only enhance. Your teacher will love you!


Q.     How long will it take to learn all of this?

A.        The course is designed to be completed in 10 weeks, but it all depends on             how much time you put into it.  If you work at it for one hour per day, you             can probably finish Part 1 within a month!

Q.      Are you available for online help, if I need it?

A.        Yes, I am extremely busy but always happy to help where I can.                           Email your question to me at corky@cbproductions.net.  I will                               always try to get back to you within 72 hours.

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