I have known Corky for several decades, both personally & professionally.  He's always been an extremely dedicated & focused musician.

Throughout all my years in entertainment, I have found Corky to be a determined & knowledgeable professional.

Roger Lowe (President & CEO of Roger Lowe Productions)


Of all the entertainers I have known and been associated with over my years involved in music, Corky has always been at the top of the pyramid for me in his consistent progressiveness, professionalism and talent.  His vast experiences with various aspects of music and variety of involvement with other professionals has kept him close to me as a fellow entertainer and friend.  Consistentently honest, knowledgeable and an easy temperament, which is sometimes out of the ordinary in this arena.  And, a great sense of humor, always looking at the bright side of life.  Love this guy!


Billy Mac (McCubbin)  -  President. Bay Music Wine Country.


I've known Corky for many years. After leaving the Harry James Band, I decided to move to Seattle, my wife's home town. I was fortunate enough to meet and play with Corky, and was impressed by his musicianship. While playing with his group, whenever I wanted to add a solo, it was Corky who knew the best changes (chords) to use. He always made me sound good. His knowledge of music theory is unsurpassed, and I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their playing. As an added bonus, you may learn a few new jokes. 


Pete Bellomo - Professional Trumpet Player:  Alumnus of the Harry James Band, Henry Mancini, Woody Herman, and many others.      


Corky Bennett is one of the most versatile, talented and hard-working musicians I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is always on the cutting edge of new ideas in music, production and entertainment and is a prolific writer and outstanding entertainer. Plus he plays the -best -in the -world Jazz Accordion!"

CeCe Gable - Jazz vocalist and national recording artist.



As a musician, I appreciate this man’s advice and talent! A true legend in this Industry! 

Glenn Miller - The Big One Man Band

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