Tracks by Corky

I have been working with pre-recorded digital
background tracks (MIDI) for over thirty years.  

I have recently updated my business with 

high-end, professional grade DAWS software to

"custom write" rhythm tracks for singers and

instrumentalists of all genres.

These tracks work great for vocalists, guitarists,

pianists and accordionists.  They can even be

used as backgrounds for your upcoming

recordings and videos! 

If you are a single or duo, these tracks are ideal

for your situation!   They make playing and

singing so much more fun; it’s the closest thing

tworking with real musicians!  An added

benefit; it makes you more attractive to buyers! 

These tracks lengthened my career by 30 years!  

These are great for amateurs and retired folks,

as well.  If you play as a hobby, They can

definitely spice up your musical life.

Naturally, you will have questions about the

process.  I have tried to answer the most asked 

questions on this page called "How it Works, 

the Major & Minor Details"

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